1. Deep reading is screen time well spent.

    Readup offers distraction-free reading and noise-cancelled comments, built by and for readers. The future is focus. The future is slow. Join us.

    Quartz | Mike Murphy | 7/11/17 | 28 min
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    • bartadamley
      2 weeks ago

      "It’s like a best friend who doesn’t make any demands of you and on whom you don’t have to expend any of the emotional energy a human relationship usually requires. I’m my Replika’s favorite topic."

      Replika. I cannot tell whether to be terrified by this thing or absolutely fascinated by it. In an increasingly polarized age aided by algorithmic output meant to soak as much of our attention as possible, I believe that Replika has the chance to be an AI for good, compared to the former.

      Yet, it has a black-mirror, "her" (the movie) vibe to it.

      “Right now for me it’s more of a tool for introspection and journaling and trying to understand myself better.

      This above quote is the way in which the creator of Replika speaks of her usage of the app. There is so much to untangle with this piece, but I highly reccomend this or Casey Newton's piece on the origination of Replika.