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    popula.comSarah Miller22 min
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    5 reads
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    • Alexa9 months ago

      I remember reading this a few years ago when it came out, but without knowing the joy of Readup to share it on! It's funny, sharp, and at the same time really gets you thinking about the stories we tell ourselves about change. I love Miami Beach and have had a lot of fun there, sure hope it doesn't go underwater, but to buy property knowing in 30 (or even 50) years it may be far more literally waterfront than you'd like...bonkers.

      • thorgalle
        9 months ago

        Fun read indeed! And oh, the reading synergies. Just before seeing this become AOTD, I posted The impossible fight to save Jakarta, the sinking megacity.

        It discusses the same topic in a different locality, with less cynical humor, but with comparable economic and political struggles.

        I did not ask if Mother Nature would respect the zoning requirements, but I did say it was amazing to me that such a famous architect was taking the time to build in a city so threatened by climate change.

        “Yeah, in Miami, those pumps, and those raised roads, that’s like their big move,” she said. “But it’s just kind of cosmetic.” She acknowledged they help with flooding. But what about when the sea begins to rise significantly, or when there’s a big event? A big event would not just flood everything and cause damage and then retreat. It could unearth septic systems, which could lead to terrible disease, or industrial waste, which could poison people. “That’s the situation that really concerns me, and is, as I see it, the canary in the coalmine,” Hill said.

        Wishful thinking and pro forma "solutions" may make people feel good, but they won't help when a Big Event hits.

        • Alexa9 months ago

          yes, omg, what timing. Thanks for linking the Jakarta one, next on my list. I don't know if it's me, or something in the season, that is drawing me to these sort of articles. Maybe it's more catching, like more and more of us are being drawn to better understand what's going on and how we live with it, or in spite of, it all