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    • jeff
      Reading streak
      7 months ago

      Wow. A strong "red wave" in a county where more than half of the residents are born outside the US. Lots of talk about Trump's messaging but not much about the Democratic Party primary and debates which seemed like a competition to see how far left each candidate could go. It's not surprising to me that Biden couldn't shake the "socialist" label.

      Grenier’s poll showed that relatively new arrivals from Cuba who immigrated to the United States starting in 2010 were registering Republican over Democrat by a whopping 76 percent to 5 percent.

      I would never have guessed the numbers were this far apart.

      • SEnkey
        7 months ago

        Interesting. I think it is a good thing for the parties to have to compete for votes among these communities. When the parties compete it is good for the parties, the communities, and the governments that result. Look at states with long term one-party rule and you see disfunction set in, same with communities that aren't competed over. Look at states with strong representation from both parties and you often see good governance result.

        In other words, an Alabama Republican can be a real jerk (but not quite a pedophile) and a New York Democrat can be a jerk - and they will keep winning. But a North Carolina Dem or Rep has to compete. That's good for everyone.