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    • SEnkey
      7 months ago

      I have been struck by a glaring disconnect. Voters who still believed enough in their own local voting system to cast a ballot had become convinced that the national system was irredeemably corrupt. Despite incredible advances in technology that have afforded voters more security and more transparency than ever before, a rising tide of distrust has swamped an institution that has kept our democracy afloat for a couple of centuries.

      Hat tip to Tim Alberta for doing the actual work of journalism and explaining why the above is true instead of just asserting it. I see folks on both sides asserting that everything is fine or everything is corrupt while doing zero work to back up why that is the case. Alberta has said that our elections are really safe and secure - and then shows us all of the leg work he did to come to that conclusion. Great bit of journalism there.

      • Karenz7 months ago

        I voted by mail for the first time in a long life and found all the procedures to be safe and specific. I did take my ballot to a locked drop box right at my county building and got a text notifying me that my ballot was received. I also got a text notifying me when my ballot was counted! I live in a small rural MD county so I was really impressed. Trump is the one who has sown all this doubt for his own purposes. I respect journalists like this one who take the time and effort to check things out. But then again Trump has also sown doubt and distrust in “the media.”

    • jeff
      Reading streak
      7 months ago

      Excellent insights into the current state of voting in America. Maricopa County's mail voting system sounds pretty ideal. I think even without Trump a dip in confidence would have been inevitable given that many changes to voting procedures were made relatively quickly in response to the pandemic so I'm optimistic that it will recover.

    • Markisero7 months ago

      Great article about the power of division and conspiracy vs. the hard work of Americans to get democracy right.