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    • DellwoodBarker
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      7 months ago

      Wow. The debt vigilante version of the mother vigilante article who took on the gangs in Mexico after the death of her daughter.

      Riveting read. This one reads very John Grisham-esque.

      It is appalling what individuals do for millions and billions. And if they think they won’t be held accountable at some point of destroying a slew of peoples’ lives in the aftermath - be it karmically or judiciously- a story like this shows how it eventually bites the predators in the ass.

    • Alexa
      7 months ago

      Wow, what a ride. This is so gross that this happens, what scumbags, but also a fascinating story of one mans insane vendetta to fight back against it

    • TranquilHaze7 months ago

      "Phantom debt, he learned, is blended with real debt in ways that are almost impossible to untangle.

      Americans are currently late on more than $600 billion in bills, according to Federal Reserve research, and almost one person in 10 has a debt in collectors’ hands. The agencies recoup what they can and sell the rest down-market, so that iffier and iffier debt is bought by shadier and shadier individuals. Deception is common."

      I'm sure we've all gotten one of these spoof-scam calls and contemplated fighting back. Currently there's an overflow of extended car warranty calls we should all be avoiding. (;