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    Paulo Coelho4/19/204 min
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    Paulo Coelho
    31 reads
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    • MattHarwood1 year ago

      I've always been a reader, mostly for personal improvement and insight - a habit passed down from my Mum. There is no other medium that allows for total immersion in something, reading cuts through all resistance and distraction. Reading on screens (for example my Kobo) is great, but there is a feeling of the information being temporary for me. When it's paper, it feels set in stone!

    • Kiki1 year ago

      I have always loved books and reading. I have at least a thousand books in my house, maybe more. While I have not read them all that is a worthy goal to shoot for. I read for pleasure and I always gain some knowledge or new perspective from the reading even if I don’t like the book. I encourage my grandkids and others to read because I think reading is a foundation for learning. Long live the printed word!

    • Florian
      Reading streakScribe
      1 year ago

      This makes me wonder... night mode which I use on my phone as well as my laptop is reducing the blue elements of the screen light.... does that actually help or is it merely a marketing feature?

      • SEnkey
        Top reader this weekScout
        1 year ago

        My understanding is it helps, but it would still be better to not have it on at all. I try to do my screen time early in the day and when I stop work (which is all screen time) I try to stay off from there on.

    • TripleG
      Top reader this weekReading streakScout
      1 year ago

      Exercising your brain is as important as exercising your body muscles. I read Readup first thing in the morning, every morning, 501 days in a row. There’s an incredible amount of information out there to exercise your brain.

      • slapdash1 year ago

        I just got to find Readup today, the quality of the articles are rich. I usually read couple of screens on kindle as soon as i wake up but looks like Readup is going to be a good replacement, btw 501 streaks is amazing i m inspired.

    • jbuchana1 year ago

      Reading is valuable, be it articles or books, online, E Reader, or paper.

      The author points out that physical books don'tput out blue light, which, in theory (but not for me in reality) makes it harder to wind down and go to sleep.

      What books are everyone reading? I'm reading "Master of the World" by Jules Verne, one of his later books.

      • deephdave
        Top reader this weekTop reader of all timeReading streakScout
        1 year ago

        I'm reading multiple books based on mood and get two know about various gamuts.

    • SEnkey
      Top reader this weekScout
      1 year ago

      Read! Read deeply or broadly or flippantly or casually, just read!