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    otherinter.net | 11 min
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    • bartadamley
      Reading streakScout
      1 month ago

      Comical, yet informative read on what "Squad Wealth" is.

      "Priced out of tier-1 cities, individuals have banded together to survive jobless market with no social safety net."

      I mean this is essentially what the living situation is at college... and we oft look back at these times as times of great learning and tremendous joy.

      The future of education, as well as the future of living as a 20-something, is something that appeals to me very much.. and I am interested to learn more as in how people have been treating this time of fundamental change..

      Going back to school? Creating your own curriculum using online education?

      Living with Friends from College? Friends from Online? Family? High School Buddies? Lovers?

      "Squads will be as important as companies in the years to come. And as the micro-structure of our social and economic fabric changes, strong vibes and sustainability will become the new metric of success. Squads don't need to scale. They can just spread the big squad energy."

      The first step, is to get your goals in order as a household, and then progress outwards. Due to the amount of time we are now spending at home, I am curious of just how much these goals as a household have fundamentally switched... my estimate is a lot!

      All in all, great read.

    • DellwoodBarker
      1 month ago

      This Is A Fun, Legit & Rather Infectious Read!

      I hope it lands AOTD.

      Social contracts are instead effected through the unspoken bonds of mutual respect and ingroup norms.

      That stood out to me in addition to bartadamley’s comment quote stand-outs.