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    Organizer Sandbox | Shakti Shetty | 5/1/20 | 9 min
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    Organizer Sandbox
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    • deephdave
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      2 weeks ago

      Have you picked up a new skill of late? Have you tried your hand at cooking? Or got yourself through some online course? Creative writing? Calligraphy? Did you at least start focusing on your body? Anything new? If you haven’t, it’s not late. Take your time but do give yourself a second chance at adopting something for the first time. It’s important that we don’t turn into an old engine. With new knowledge, we build newer perspectives. And the power of the internet can’t be wasted on useless streaming. Set new challenges and overcome them. Before lockdown happened, we said we didn’t have the time to learn new things. Now, during the lockdown, we’ve realized that time was never the issue.