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    • aussak1 year ago

      Looking forward to the forthcoming book on this slice of history. Even as a student of the region I wasn't aware of these badass female warriors!

      • Karenz
        1 year ago

        This makes Trump’s abandonment of our Kurdish allies even more heartbreaking to me. I’m wondering what’s happening to these women now. Bravo to Readup for posting this!

    • Pegeen
      1 year ago

      Wow, this is what I love about Readup - exposure to stories of import that you won’t find on Fox News! So this remarkable story prompted me to google Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, who is a NY Times best seller of 2 books, The Dressmaker of Khair Khana and Ashley’s War. I’m going to listen to her Ted Talk next, as I’m riveted by her subject matter - women! I have also printed out a map because the entire conflict involving the Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS is very confusing to me and I want to sort it out. I recently did this concerning China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. And I love that a member of Readup sent me a link to help me in my endeavor to understand this conflict. I’m finding it so important to get the facts straight, to visually locate the countries involved and follow along in an informed and intelligent way. This story reminds me of the movie Glory, where we learn that there was an entire unit of black soldiers who fought in the Civil War against the Confederates. Unsung heroes need their voices to be heard! Bravo to the men and women who bring them to our attention!

    • TripleG
      Reading streak
      1 year ago

      How about these warriors taking arms against a sea of troubles! Fantastic! How inspiring!