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    • LGC11 months ago

      Sure. Good model. Humans are curious people. We want news, information and connection. Whether we get that from hieroglyphics or holograms, the platform is irrelevant so long as it exploits the best-practices for its time and culture. Exceptional content delivered where, when and how we want it separates a successful media endeavor from a not-so. I spent 40 years in traditional newsrooms and watched as we both failed and succeeded to make the transitions to today's platforms. I've spent the past decade experimenting with multi-platform content models, including newsletters. Two things I've learned: The right content targeted to the right audience works. And, until there is a sustainable revenue stream no manner of wonderful things will pay the bills. Dreaming new content-distribution models is easy and the audience is there. The revenue is there, as well. Unfortunately, tapping into it is exponentially more difficult than deploying content strategies.

    • Florian11 months ago

      Nice. The whole shift to a place where creators get rewarded on an individual article is in line with what ReadUp has in store :) shame I can’t tag you @bill ;)

    • bartadamley11 months ago

      The new media economy will be built on a foundation of the very things that drive its value: the creator and the creator’s product.

      Inspiring article for any of those considering the renaissance model and diving into all things creative professionally!

      We have more tools now than ever, to rid ourselves of the media conglomerates, but it comes down to finding our audience(s) and creating consistently.

    • chronotope
      11 months ago

      It took the Economist 176 years to finally add bylines to some of their content pages. The holy shit! moment of creator’s realizing that their value could be larger than it’s getting credit for started with platforms and the ability to accumulate and engage followers directly on platforms. But the emergence of platforms like Substack, OnlyFans, Cameo & Patreon have accelerated that and are creating a new market indicator for individuals similar to what free agency does to athletes.