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    • thorgalle1 month ago

      Wow, scary indeed! This story ultimately illustrates the importance of transparency in face of not being able to meet client's expectations; to take the hard road of truth.

      It reminds me of the Swiss Cheese Model of risk prevention. This deception could have been (or can still be??) a hole in one slice of cheese that is now distributed in worldwide reactors. Since watching the famed series Chernobyl (2019), it's maybe also easier to grasp for the world how important small things like tiny metal rods are in the big picture of nuclear safety.

      How could I read this Norwegian article?

      I mostly read this Norwegian article in English, on my computer, through Google Chrome's built-in Translate feature! It's easy: translate feature.

      The translation is (I think) really good for 98% of the sentences or so! These potential issues I noticed:

      • I'm pretty sure that "sliten PC" does not mean "tired PC" but rather, "worn out PC" 🤪.
      • "Malte seg inn i et hjørne" -> "Painted himself into a corner". Maybe better; "to back oneself into a corner"?
      • "Nils Morten Huseby er innstilt på at opprydningen etter Norges atomdrift kan gi flere ubehagelige opplevelser." -> maybe not he is "is in favor for" for unpleasant experiences, but rather "is prepared for" ?

      Kaptein ⚓️, feel free to elucidate 🇳🇴.

      • KapteinB1 month ago

        I've never really thought about it before, but "innstilt på" is kind of a weird phrase. I guess the literal translation would be something like "set to" (å innstille = to set, innstillinger = settings). In this context I think the most accurate translation would be "expect", but "prepared for" also works. He's definitely not in favour of unpleasant experiences!

        I think if you back yourself into a corner, it was caused by an outside force, while if you paint yourself into a corner, you have no-one to blame but yourself. ;-)

    • KapteinB1 month ago

      Another Norwegian article, this time about how the experiments at one of Norway's scientific nuclear reactors were cheated with for many years. Scary stuff.

      • thorgalle1 month ago

        Thanks for posting! This was interesting.