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    nautil.us3/12/2016 min
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    16 reads
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    • Abarlet1 year ago

      At the end of this I was hoping I was reading a piece of science fiction — like a Michael Crichton piece. Knowing this is our new reality is scary. I take away a couple things from this. First, we have incredible scientists and capabilities to figure this out. Find medicines and vaccines. But second there is no coordinated, global effort to share and communicate and strategize as one human population. Each country takes its own path for handling its own health crisis, but what about a global strategy to handle the science behind it all?

    • Pegeen
      Reading streakScoutScribe
      1 year ago

      Excellent interview. So much to think about and consider. This will certainly become a more essential industry now that what this doctor predicted is our reality.

    • Alexa
      1 year ago

      Great read, WOW. Tons of interesting insights and a lot of really savvy, grounded advice and conclusions.

    • jeff
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      1 year ago

      Very interesting and insightful interview!

    • deephdave
      Top reader this weekTop reader of all timeReading streakScout
      1 year ago

      Typically the preparation of the animal is where you have exposure. By the time it’s cooked and prepared, the virus would have been dead. It’s more common that transmission is through the animal shedding or people slaughtering the animal, when they’re exposed to bodily fluids, blood, and secretions.

      If it does go quiet over the summer months, then the question’s going to be, “Is it still infecting people?” We could be walking around in the middle of summer with influenza viruses, but they’re not active. They’ve just gone quiet. When the right ecology comes into play, it starts getting cold, and damp, then it starts replicating like crazy. If it’s able to park itself, and not kill its host over the summer months, then we’ve got a virus that has all the telltale signatures of establishing itself as part of our normative landscape, much to our detriment.