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    nationalaffairs.com34 min
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    4 reads
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    • jramey19713 months ago

      I think the author made a sufficient case for deep literacy to (at least) be considered as a factor in historical movements.

      Of particular interest is the suggested correlation between the rise of current populist movements and the percentage of active voters who can think past the "surface tension of a tweet".

      Also, the author's lens of "Awakenings" in US history is a useful thought tool.

    • deephdave
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      3 months ago

      After all, deep readers at least may know what they don't know, and hence are better able to deploy shields of skepticism against all forms of advertising, including the political kind that enchants populist mobs into being. Those who lack a reading habit may be locked in perpetual intellectual adolescence, but they can still gather in the street, shout, and even shoot.

    • sater6 months ago

      Feels like this article belongs on ReadUp, as it highlights many of the values of "deep literacy". That said, the evidence for a decline in the portion of the population capable of deep literacy is weak, and blaming that on the iPhone seems like a rehash of rebukes of most technologies since the newspaper.