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    National Review | 5/5/20 | 6 min
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    National Review
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    • SEnkey
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      3 weeks ago

      Ha! I love this movie. Plus this nugget:

      And what happened to Beck? His gonzo riffs, backed up by crazy dream-webs of conspiratorial machination he diagrammed for us on his famous chalkboard, carried him to boffo ratings through the first two and a half years of the Obama administration, but his act was far too weird for the advertisers. When Fox could no longer sell many commercials on Beck’s hour, it showed him the door. But getting rid of a real-life Beale turned out to be a lot simpler than Chayefsky predicted; Fox simply didn’t renew his contract. There was no need to hire anyone to assassinate Glenn Beck on live television when he was so willing to keep shooting himself in the foot.