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    MEL Magazine7/28/2016 min
    16 reads5 comments
    MEL Magazine
    16 reads
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    • bartadamley
      1 year ago

      She’s so damn good at having her finger on the pulse. I just wish she had chosen another avenue to focus her skills on.

      This is the capacity of the internet and it's ability to capture the utmost of our consciousness. I largely worry as we are living more and more in our siloed existences, connecting with information online that aligns with our newly-formed values.

      Moral values as a whole are now being reevaluated as we become more and more 'niche' within our interests.

      How do we avoid becoming specialists of our Facebook feeds and instead being aware that we are not our informational ecosystem?

    • theesakker1 year ago

      What QAnon is doing to people and their families is so sad. I’ve seen some of my relatives post QAnon sourced material and I hope they’re not fully going down that rabbit hole... then I looked up ‘Mel Magazine’ (the source of this article) because I was going to forward the QAnon piece to family. The magazine seems like total junk. Decided not to forward based on that.

    • Florian
      Reading streak
      1 year ago

      Seriously scary. Sadly, the truth is often m too difficult to find (and by that I mean more than two clicks away) so people latch on to the weirdest theories. Maybe the earth is flat too ;)

    • jbuchana1 year ago

      Qanon is getting to be a real problem.

      QAnon as a group seems to have mastered the ways of manipulating and tapping into people’s anxieties as a means of indoctrination

      It Feels Like Losing a Loved One to Drug Abuse

      As much as I tried to be there for her, she seems to have found her purpose in saving fetuses from being eaten by Hillary.

      My heart has been breaking as I’ve watched her mental health rapidly decline. She is so quick to throw away all of the real-life goodness in our relationship [for] some rando Instagram follower who confirms her biases.

      I first heard of Q about a year ago. It sounds like the whole thing is getting really out of hand since the COVID lock downs. As someone who’s dealt with losing loved ones to drugs, I feel for these families. The Q conspiricists seem like they might be, or become, more dangerous than lone addicts ruining their own and their family's lives.

      • Kiki1 year ago

        Scary stuff. Alex Jones and His Infowars are the spawn of the devil. Ordinary people are being swept up in the madness. And the question is how to stop it.