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    Medical Xpress | Science X staff | 6/29/20 | 6 min
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    Medical Xpress
    14 reads
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    • jackdille
      2 weeks ago

      As a DJ this makes a lot of sense 😎

    • jeff
      Top reader this weekReading streakScribe
      2 weeks ago

      Super interesting stuff! I'm now self-conscious about my micro-movements. Seven millimeters per second of head movement sounds like a lot. I hope the Norwegian Championships of Standstill catches on and goes international. I'd be curious to see how far some people can push it.

    • areattoir2 weeks ago

      We feel connected when we move together in time with music

    • bartadamley
      2 weeks ago

      This article was absolutely phenomenal, I highly recommend this one for any music lovers out there. I am an avid fan of EDM, and have even made a few songs, so this was great to see that research is being conducted in this realm.

      "The pulse is key. The average frequency of body movement which you would typically clap or march to is 120 beats per minute. A lot of dance music has a slightly faster tempo, which acts as a trigger."

      I have some light experience with using my turntables for parties and have had a personal theory that anything from 120-130 bpm is generally the hot-zone for getting people to dance. 120-130 bpm in a song, I have found mostly to be of the House music variety for those intrigued.

      The only definite finding was that those people who obtained a high score in respect of their emotional responses, such as empathy, moved more than others. This also accords with some other studies, and confirms theories which show that people with a higher degree of empathy will mirror other people more and relate more to their surroundings.

      This last bit left me mindblown. So it could then be concluded that those who are more empathetic have better dance moves?

      All in all fascinating piece. Listen to EDM.

    • SEnkey
      3 weeks ago

      Very cool.

      Armchair psychology takeaway; to test empathy play music and see who responds.

      • bartadamley
        2 weeks ago

        Such an awesome find thank you for sharing!