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    • deephdave
      Top reader of all time
      5 months ago

      Everything new will eventually become “new normal”. Don’t know whether this is because of the internet proliferated innovations or people have been getting better at selling things that led to abandonment of older things and jump to new things or just people have become neophiliacs.

    • DellwoodBarker5 months ago

      Excellent and fascinating dissection of subcultures and how increased popularity plays a role in drawing different “groupies” so to speak.

      I feel like I witnessed this at Meow Wolf’s HOER a bit in early years. That dynamic of trajectory was so rare - an almost immediate out of the gate huge artistic success story when House Of Eternal Return opened which caused the collective to learn a lot in a condensed span of time. However, the core collective had been working on art exhibitions that were locally and regionally successful for years prior.

      1. Update (11/30/2021):

        ReadUp Geek Here.

        Though Technically I might qualify as a mop because I have not been able to financially support due to bank card issues and wonky iPhone and needing a month-to-month option that won’t automatically charge my acct recurringly. I hope to change my financial support. I am grateful to be an early version lifer here without pay but I don’t enjoy being a free loader either; especially since I believe in RU.

        Working at Meow Wolf taught me not to go overboard in cult mentality of telling too many about it which makes one seem obsessive so I am more Aware of the people I choose to tell about ReadUp in daily life. If I meet a reader or writer and the topic comes up naturally in convo then I will mention RU.

    • vunderkind5 months ago

      Totally love this, and articulates the formless dynamic around crypto-culture currently playing out.

    • deephdave
      Top reader of all time
      7 months ago

      After a couple years, the cool is all used up: partly because the New Thing is no longer new, and partly because it was diluted into New Lite, which is inherently uncool. As the mops dwindle, the sociopaths loot whatever value is left, and move on to the next exploit. They leave behind only wreckage: devastated geeks who still have no idea what happened to their wonderful New Thing and the wonderful friendships they formed around it. (Often the geeks all end up hating each other, due first to the stress of supporting mops, and later due to sociopath divide-and-conquer manipulation tactics.)