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    • Ian142181 year ago

      Great article. I think they thought they were jumping on a cash cow trend. Similar to how streaming services arose, Hulu, Peacock and Disney plus. The difference here is that they were not bringing any new content. It was the same content, in a slightly different manner.

    • sjwoo1 year ago
      • normanbae1 year ago

        HAHA that was great. I would've posted that to Readup!

    • chrissetiana
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      1 year ago

      I'm just wondering how they got that amount of funding if "everyone" could already see that it's going to fail.

      • normanbae1 year ago

        Good point. The cult of personality around a "visionary creator" is a hell of a drug!

    • normanbae1 year ago

      This is how I always thought about it:

      Would you rather pay for ~100 pieces of content every few months, chosen by out of touch execs (who, according to the Vulture expose, refuse to use email, watch TV, or use social media) OR help create and share ~1,000,000 pieces of content every hour, chosen by millions of people from all around the world?