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    London Review of Books | 16 min
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    London Review of Books
    6 reads
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    • Pegeen
      7 months ago

      This is a case where ignorance is bliss! The most disturbing part of this article is the county line supply chain operation. This seemed to be a callus group of drug dealer immune to caring about the safety of the drugs they are selling or the people involved - even kids as young as 7. Even with the so called “ethical” dealers, I would still be afraid to buy drugs in today’s market where purity of product is not guaranteed. How about China lacing their heroin with fentanyl. Today’s pot is so strong as to be almost “trippy”. I find it unenjoyable. Glad I don’t desire any of it!

    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
      8 months ago

      Buy your drugs online! It’s the ethical thing to do!

      • jeff
        Top reader this weekReading streakScribe
        7 months ago

        I was a very happy user of both Alpha Bay and then the Dream Market. I'm extremely disappointed to hear that the latter has now been shut down as well. It makes me sick thinking about all the resources going towards taking down these market places. Idiotic sisyphean prohibition that does nothing but waste time, money and lives. I think I feel the same way about dark net markets that you feel about trees.