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    • thorgalle
      3 weeks ago

      Ido is not a specialist; he trains hand balances, ring work, jumping, coordination, balance, dancing, and many many disciplines. Therefore there are no rest days in a movement practice.

      The generalist / specialist distinction. It's an intellectual one, I've seen it passing by on Readup a few times (The Polymath Playbook, Why hard work and specialising early is not a recipe for success), but clearly also a bodily one. I love the idea of not being a 'movement specialist', or as seen in a video, only caring about 'muscle aesthetics'.

      Everybody needs to be able to get up from the floor with ease, from Grandma to Conor McGregor. It is an area of movement that is grossly overlooked.

      Ido and his students practice something they suck at every day. This keeps them honest, in a student’s mindset and constantly evolves their brain.

    • Kasper1 month ago

      I'm getting into this new movement philosophy. What a bummer the courses / initiations are so expensive though, I'm going to check one out next week in Ghent for €20, with a physiotherapist and 4 other participants. Stoked! "Life is non-linear. It is unchoreographed and chaotic. If you are hit in a car accident with a neck of 60-year-old, you are much more likely to sustain a serious injury than if you had the spine of a supple leopard."

      • thorgalle
        3 weeks ago

        Nice! Curious to know what you'll do there! I thought this article was a bit unstructured, but definitely not bad. As a complement, it helped to watch a few clips on YouTube on the kind of exercises Ido does and helps people to do (and the way he speeches). Thanks for the scout!

    • Pegeen
      Reading streakScoutScribe
      4 weeks ago

      Love this! Innovative, complex movement in all planes of existence - how can it ever get boring? Very exciting!