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    HuffPost Highline | AP | 12/22/20 | 4 min
    5 reads3 comments
    HuffPost Highline
    5 reads
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    • jeff
      3 weeks ago

      This is seriously depressing. It almost makes it worse that there seems to be broad bipartisan disgust for the process. I'm curious what a proposed solution would look like or if any other country has found a way to solve or at least mitigate the issue of legislation that is impossibly complex and bundled together.

      I feel like a "single issue" rule would be hard to define and enforce but it would at least provide some kind of check against an obviously dysfunctional system. Come to think of it that sounds like it would make a great constitutional amendment. They're usually short and to the point.

      • DellwoodBarker
        Top reader this weekScoutScribe
        3 weeks ago

        This should upset Every American. Now the impossible to read legal mumbo-jumbo tech privacy policy chaos (which ReadUp is Admirably Transmuting Here) is spilling over toxicity into our governing vernacular in impossibly lengthy chaos.

        Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t something like this at the Heart of The Pelican Brief by John Grisham? A piece of something dangerous slipped into a legal brief no one would possibly notice? And I Know this is an Extreme Fictional Example....but what a slippery slope. Toxic shit could be attempted to fly under the radar of Too Much Info not enough leaders are even able to read.

        1. Update (12/24/2020):

          I just revisited the synapsid of The Pelican Brief. I was slightly off on my remembrance of it...yet it still feels Relevant; somehow.

        2. Update (12/24/2020):


        3. Update (12/24/2020):


      • TripleG
        Reading streakScout
        3 weeks ago

        This is unbelievable and disgraceful. Evelyn Wood would have a tough time reading this equivalent of ten books in a few hours. Yeah, how about an amendment of ten page maximum per bill.