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    hapgood10/17/1529 min
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    • [user]4 months ago

      This comment was deleted on 12/22/2020

    • bartadamley
      7 months ago

      We could all do ourselves a bit of justice by creating a garden online versus taking a dip in the 'streaming' kiddie pool which is so prevalent in our everyday discourse.

      The author breaks down the internet into different types of realms. The garden vs. the stream. The ultimate dichotomy.

      The garden is the web as topology. The web as space. It’s the integrative web, the iterative web, the web as an arrangement and rearrangement of things to one another.

      In The Stream metaphor you don’t experience the Stream by walking around it and looking at it, or following it to its end. You jump in and let it flow past. You feel the force of it hit you as things float by.

      Essentially, creating a garden-like experience on the web is how we cultivate a solace for our attention and evolved interests. This is in essence what our *starred reading list does for us on Readup.

      My question to you all is what do you do with this information after you are done consuming, so that you ensure you are still preserving this knowledge?