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    GQ | Clay Skipper | 3/31/20 | 19 min
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    11 reads
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    • deephdave
      Top reader this weekReading streakScout
      3 months ago

      Time alone with your thoughts is how you structure your experience, and on those structures you can understand where you are in your life and where you want to go. Without that you're just adrift. You're basically just being pushed around by winds and attention economy contraptions. Where you are, what you are, what you aren't and what you want to be—that just takes thought. Now we're forced to do a lot of thought, because there's only so much we can, in our apartment, look at the same screen before our eyes bleed.

      1. Update (4/11/2020):

        Lockdown leads to spending more time on the internet, the more time you spend on the internet leads to less or deprived of time alone with your thoughts.

      • thorgalle
        Reading streakScout
        3 months ago

        Also my favorite section. This suddenly went very deep.

        Where you are, what you are, what you aren't and what you want to be—that just takes thought.

    • thorgalle
      Reading streakScout
      3 months ago

      Enriching. Many great sections. But some of the comparisons and analogies were weird.

      So to me it's not good or bad—but more about intentional or casual. If you're intentional with technology, you know what you're trying to do, you know what you care about, and you're putting tools to use to help that

      I love this notion of "intentional" vs "casual". "intentional" we hear a lot, but I hadn't heard of a word for the flip side. Casual it is.

      If you're in a particularly geeky mood, you can think about life as a combinatorial optimization process.

      🤓 ✅ I like his CS approach to explaining human problems.

      It's just engineer stuff: How inefficient is this that everyone says good or congrats? Let's have a like button for that, so the comments that are there can be more substantive

      Was this really the original Facebook mindset? Relevant for the future of Readup silent posts/ratings/like mechanisms?

    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
      3 months ago

      I highly recommend this one.

      If Cal’s right about half of this stuff, Readup is going to be huge. I love the bit about opioids. So right on.

      I can’t believe his next book is going to be about email. Can’t wait.