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    • DellwoodBarker
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      1 week ago

      Don’t let the rather weak title fool ya…his statements on creative art, mental health, comparison and dealing with attempts to make him a “pop st…” are A+++++.

      110% addicted to this album. His production and vocal techniques are endlessly fascinating.

      He sings True-True. An album where he is expressing feelings and emotions that I have been needing to and haven’t achieved yet.

      It was a period when we all found out a lot about who our friends really are, with some friendships proving lasting and some dissipating into the ether just as quickly as shows and parties did. It was the latter experience that Blake found himself returning to again and again in the songs he was writing and that inspired the name of his new record, his fifth, Friends That Break Your Heart. “It’s a Ronseal title,” says Blake. “It feels relevant to the moment, if I may say so myself, because a lot of us had to contend with friendships where we weren’t getting what we needed out of them. Maybe we were moving on or people were moving on without us.”

      The subject matter proved fertile ground, he says, because the dynamics of disintegrating friendships haven’t been written about quite as extensively as romantic breakups.

      I also agree with him on “Say What You Will” -my favorite album track amongst an album full of treasures and the vid is Brilliant, as well.