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    gizmodo.comVictoria Song3/24/2017 min
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    • jbuchana1 year ago

      Appliances As A Service

      • SEnkey1 year ago

        I have to say this is super frustrating. But I can see the conundrum the companies are in. This is why I avoid most smart appliances and home gadgets, but it's hard to avoid with the TV and streaming options.

        • jbuchana1 year ago

          So far we've been able to get by with a dumb TV and a Chromecast, but we got that TV years ago, I'm not sure what's available today if it were to die.

          • SEnkey1 year ago

            We angled for this but with a Roku. Of course the problem we had is that the Roku doesn't last (you have to get the new Roku to support netflix etc). But, I'd rather replace a forty dollar roku than a several hundred dollar tv every five years.

    • Alexa
      1 year ago

      Most IoT appliances are still stupid expensive for the average person.

      Fixed it for you: Most IoT appliances are stupid.

      Ok, maybe too sassy but do I really need a fridge that yells at me to buy milk or a toothbrush with bluetooth? I'd far prefer an item built to last over a lightbulb I can control with my phone. In fact....I prefer the items in my life to help me avoid being on my phone.

      I stopped having a TV in my house years ago and it was the best idea I've had, if I want to watch a movie I set up a (very analog) projector and make an evening of it, really helps me be conscious about my use and how plugged in i am to screens.

      I saw this subscription model laid out far better in This Could Be Our Future by Yancy Strickler and in the world of the circular economy. I would be far more willing to invest in subscription or ongoing payments to a company if they built their products to last and allowed me to repair and improve it as it aged rather than strong arming me thru planned obsolescence to upgrade.

      • SEnkey1 year ago

        Haha. Yeah, pretty much.

    • Abarlet1 year ago

      Yes! I completely remember my parents having a washer and dryer that lasted for 20 years. Now I feel lucky if I get 3 years out of these appliances. I have no interest in smart anything if it requires I have to subscribe to make my dishwasher work. No thanks. I understand that technology moves on and companies always have a roadmap. If you want to invest in technology you better be prepared to stick with all the updates over the long haul.

    • deephdave
      Top reader this weekTop reader of all timeReading streakScout
      1 year ago

      The IoT is still a nascent industry and clearly, there’s a disconnect between customer expectations and the realities of capitalism.

    • aleph1 year ago

      Where do we draw the line in which X as a service becomes ridiculous? As a saving millennial in his early 20’s, car as a service makes sense. I do not want a car. Sander and Airbnb were planning to launch housing as a service. Would you pay for that?

      • jbuchana1 year ago

        Housing as a service sounds a lot like apartment rental.