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    Forge | Julio Vincent Gambuto | 4/10/20 | 11 min
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    15 reads
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    • Alexa
      5 months ago

      YES, oh my days YES. This is a must-read for me.

      We talk about this lockdown as a period of hibernation, as being dormant. But perhaps we’ve never been more woke than right now, more cognizant of a system that normally keeps us too busy to demand better.

      • Florian
        Reading streakScribe
        5 months ago

        I couldn’t agree more! We’re raw and less distracted.

    • deephdave
      Top reader this weekReading streakScout
      5 months ago

      They are problems we ignore every day, not because we’re terrible people or because we don’t care about fixing them, but because we don’t have time. Sorry, we have other shit to do.

    • PhilipJ5 months ago

      "The plain truth is that no matter our ethnicity, religion, gender, political party (the list goes on), nor even our socioeconomic status, as Americans we share this: We are busy. We’re out and about hustling to make our own lives work."

      The Great Pause has given us all time to sit back, reflect, and observe our world rather than zipping through it. I hope our collective society can resist the attempted return to normalcy. Nothing will ever be "normal" again, whatever that means, and that's ok. It's time for us to wake up collectively and create a new normal. A normal where all people in our societies and the natural world can benefit and live together, sustainably.

    • Zeusinajuice5 months ago

      I have spent my time in quarantine thinking about what the world will do get normalcy back up again and I could never shake the feeling that there was going to be massive capitalist reboot to it all. This article put a lot of things into perspective on that front Thanks!

    • joanne5 months ago

      "What happened is inexplicably incredible. It’s the greatest gift ever unwrapped. Not the deaths, not the virus, but The Great Pause. It is, in a word, profound. Please don’t recoil from the bright light beaming through the window. I know it hurts your eyes. It hurts mine, too." I'm going to take this great pause seriously, what an opportunity we all have. Stay safe so we can see the other side.

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
        5 months ago

        YES!!! Good god, yes yes yes. GREAT freaking scout!

    • jbuchana
      5 months ago

      The hospitals weren’t really a war zone; those stories were hyperbole. The numbers were not that high; the press is lying. You didn’t see people in masks standing in the rain risking their lives to vote. Not in America. You didn’t see the leader of the free world push an unproven miracle drug like a late-night infomercial salesman. That was a crisis update. You didn’t see homeless people dead on the street. You didn’t see inequality. You didn’t see indifference. You didn’t see utter failure of leadership and systems.

      Pretty much what I've been expecting the government and business to push when this is over. It'll be hard to do this, but I'm sure they'll find a way.

    • bartadamley
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      5 months ago

      This article completely resonates with me! This silence, this pause, is leading to much confusion in all of our collective lives. In essence, it forces us to reevaluate just what it is we want from our lives. I think it is made me re-think just how important physical presence in one another's lives really is. Intimate connection with our friends, family, even the what seems to be dreaded by a lot of us... small talk. That's right I said it- I miss small talk!

      Pretty soon this all will be over, however, it is important to reflect on how you feel at this moment and remember why it is we feel this way.

      As the legendary Ferris Bueller quote goes:

      "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it"