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    • deephdave
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      1 year ago

      “I feel more connected to my roots and enjoy this kind of life where you get rid of your comparisons. You don’t have to worry about things like: Does my neighbour have a Ferrari; or does my neighbour take a vacation? You kind of reduce it to a more elemental simplicity in life. I’ve always been a low consumption person. When any new phone is launched in the market, I won’t be the first in line to buy it; I may buy it after a couple of years after everybody has it,” he says with his trademark guffaw.

      • SEnkey1 year ago

        Building capabilities is Vembu’s idea of wealth creation, not financial valuation. “I am a capitalist and I don’t care about net worth.” He gives the example of Japan to explain (in pre Covid-19 times, of course). “When you go to rural Japan, you can see a wealthy society. Roads are good, infrastructure is great and you don’t see any homeless people, you don’t see any poverty. On the train station, the trains run on time. The trains are clean, high speed trains, all of that. That is wealth. Clearly Japan is wealthy. And to me, wealth actually also connotes resilience. Capital is something that protects you from adversity.”

        I love what he is doing. I wish more companies would spread out to some of the small and dying towns across fly-over country USA.