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    forbes.com | Jonathan Ponciano | 8/26/20 | 2 min
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    8 reads
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    • jayvidya4 weeks ago

      Too much power and influence for any one person to have. That being said it feels disingenuous to lump Bill with Mark and Jeff here, considering what he’s doing with his money and time, his prescience on this pandemic and how much work he’s putting into vaccines and treatment.

    • Florian
      Reading streakScribe
      4 weeks ago

      The system is broken

    • Raven4 weeks ago

      There’s no bank large enough to contain it all. I’m sorry to hear that the American Dream is still having it’s effective control over what is considered valuable. All three of them Bill Mark Jeff have profoundly increased their net worth during a time of incredible losses for the masses. It becomes a question of whether you believe that these massive corporate heads are really deserved of such power and control over human beings, that all that worth is justified by their efforts. Earning so much more money than entire country’s are capable of making with all their human capital seems to be showing some very ragged fabric of which our socio-economic system is constructed from. I’m waiting for something to wake up the slumbering heroes from these world wide amnesias we are suffering with. SSTC

    • chrissetiana
      Top reader this weekScout
      1 month ago

      There are now more centibillionaires on the planet than ever.

      So. Much. Money.