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    FiveThirtyEightMaggie Koerth2/19/206 min
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    • turtlebubble
      2 years ago

      I recently bought a new mattress for the first time and was so embarrassed and stressed when I realized I wasn’t happy with it. But the company was amazing! Even though I didn’t end up keeping the mattress I would 100% recommend Loom & Leaf by Saatva. I told them I was trying to get their brand to replace an old tempurpedic but realized I really just needed something more similar to my old one and that I was so sorry. They tried to offer me replacements but when I told them I was really sorry and felt horrible about the waste they told me that they never go to waste and either get sold at a steep discount to their employees or are donated to a specific charity that provides mattresses to veterans. I didn’t realize how lucky I was to have had such an easy return. They picked it up for free and everything! I appreciate them even more now after reading about the run around from other online companies. I can also speak to Joy Bird’s furniture return policy being rock solid.

    • joshw2 years ago

      it’s a tough thing, the waste stream. because most people never have to deal with, or even see, trash after it leaves their house, i submit that most have no clue the amount of aggregate waste that society as a whole, or even just the US, is trying to figure out what to do with. like many other problems of 2020, the change in problem is happening exponentially faster that the innovations in solution and we are left with a sense that nothing san be done. it’s always interesting to me seeing what solution innovations do pop up though; Sharetown seems like a great emergency phenomenon of facebook marketplace ubiquity + someone who is willing to try to things to solve large problems, and i like that.

      the other interesting part of this all is information flow: the more people that know about the problem side of things, the higher chance there is that the info about it ends up reaching a solution innovator type. to me, that means that, at an abstract level, spreading problem info in a way that targets innovators is itself a type of problem. what if ReadUp contains its own emergent phenomenon something like: innovators end up reading infos on ReadUp because of the innovative approach to reading, and thus the problem statements contained therein reach an audience that has a much higher percentage of engaged, innovative, problem-solvers but at a lower distribution cost because the overall audience is narrow/small. so then theoretically my innovation to try on the abstract level would be something like: creating an API on the ReadUp platform that dumps curated problems, in the form of easy-to-digest info cards, into innovation hubs like incubators and non-profits and co-working spaces, etc. Then those who want to work on making cheaper, faster, positive failures in the solution space will have an endless supply of problem cards to apply their innovative ideas to.

      anyway, i think what i meant to say was, “thanks for sharing!”

    • TripleG
      Top reader this weekReading streakScout
      2 years ago

      I’m glad that a used mattress doesn’t get resold as new. I never want to buy anything on line that can’t be returned easily, especially large things like a mattress, furniture, or a car!

    • jeff
      2 years ago

      I'd feel way too guilty being told to keep a brand new mattress that I didn't like. Probably one of the few things I wouldn't want to buy online.