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    Fast Company | Elizabeth Segran | 6/22/20 | 5 min
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    Fast Company
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    • Alexa
      3 months ago

      iGirl is great. The obsession with 90s fashion...hilarious to me, given my age. Big Depop fan though, it's another great addition to the Poshmark type platform if you don't buy new clothes.

      Depop’s growth over the past few months makes sense, given that many consumers have less cash on hand and are looking for inexpensive garments.

      Thought this was a peculiar assumption. I know for many people they're tight on funds, but those people probably aren't buying clothes-used or otherwise (and a lot of stuff on Depop isn't that cheap). I know people making more money on unemployment than they would at their jobs (and turning down projects when I try to hire them bc of it) but not being able to go out and shop. Or stuck at home working remote with nowhere else to stock up on athleisure.

      And its interesting they worry Gen Z sellers wont stay on the platform once they mature. Ever heard of Nasty Gal? She started as an ebay shop and built a brand, nothing wrong wrong with being a springboard.

      Fun article if you like the nitty gritty of fashion, always glad to see more used & recycled clothing getting back into the world. The last thing we need is to keep supporting the rampant pollution and slavery of the modern fashion industry.