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    • tdsimpson907 months ago

      Such a beautiful poem After reading this snippet in the Photographer at the Ends of the Earth article, I had to read the whole thing. "How can I dream except beyond this life? Can I outleap the sea- The edge of all the land, the final sea?"

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
        7 months ago

        OH MY GOD! YES!!

        I have been spoken to variously But heard little. My inner witness is dismayed By my unguarded mouth.

        And that last line!!! It feels like it was written for me; especially this last month I've been thinking (and writing) nonstop about the difference between being and doing. That's so on the nose that it's actually kinda weird. Freaky!

        Excellent find. Obvious 10. A literal no-brainer (because it's such a brainer!)