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    Doctor Adam | 10 min
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    Doctor Adam
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    • jbuchana
      3 months ago

      I still remember the first time I ran into trolls on Usenet back in the early '90s or maybe even the late '80s.

    • Alexa
      3 months ago

      If Readup had a second-cousin in debate club I think it would be the Kiaolo platform they suggest at the end lol.

      Not sure that's truly the best solution to trolls, but I did find this sociological exploration of what drives a hot tempered or deliberately sadistic trolling.

      I'm still noodling on some parts of this, and while compelling, I'm not convinced just seeing people face to face is always enough to elicit empathy anymore. I'm seeing quite a bit of antisocial behaviors lately IRL, and it's as if these behaviors and disconnection from the humanity of the other people around us is a bit muddled.

      There's a marketing exercise I've done a few times where you consider the people who oppose you or have opposite viewpoints to yourself. Then you write out why they're right. It's a helpful way to push empathy, but I am not convinced face to face has the same result. You have to want it.