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    Discourse Blog1/27/215 min
    30 reads8 comments
    Discourse Blog
    30 reads
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    • Jim5 months ago

      Good article, bad movie.

      • sjwoo5 months ago

        Ha! Exactly!

    • chronotope
      5 months ago

      Because that’s all this is — a game! Stocks are fake, markets aren’t real, this is all just gambling.

      But the only rule of gambling though is that the house always wins. And the stock market is set up so that the hedge funds and the investment management companies and the big banks are always, always the house.

      • SEnkey
        Top reader this weekScout
        5 months ago

        Yes stocks are fake, but no more fake than college degrees. Another system where the house always wins.

        • bill
          Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
          5 months ago

          🆙 Agreed!

          And the two-party system - a sham that keeps the rich and powerful rich and powerful. The parties themselves, of course, aren't fake. What's fake are the "principals" and "values" that the individual parties pretend to honor. In fact, both parties are identical: They have no legitimate "values" except accumulating power and wealth.

          What's happening right now is actually very exciting. We need to keep shaking the cages.

    • bartadamley5 months ago

      Still so intrigued to see how this plays out. #TeamAMC all the way

    • Florian5 months ago

      This is the reality of it all:

      You can be sure that Wall Street, and the government it largely controls, is going to do the same: halting trades, and most importantly immediately shifting blame for the instability onto the small-time posters and day traders, rather than the openly corrupt system they had the nerve to exploit.

    • jackdille5 months ago

      Wise words for a frantic time