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    • jeff
      Reading streak
      11 months ago

      This is the treatise on "cancel culture." If you don't think cancel culture exists, you need to read this. If you've only heard it discussed by comedians complaining about attacks on free speech, you need to read this. If you want to understand what's going on with Twitter mobs and just how disturbing it really is, you need to read this. Also, if you want to understand why people write articles like today's AOTD: This politically-correct witch-hunt is killing free speech, and we have to fight it, I really think you should read this.

      This is a transcript of Natalie's video essay which you can also watch or listen to. I watched the video before reading the transcript and both are excellent in different ways. That the transcript is at least as enjoyable to read as the video is to watch is a testament to her incredible skill as a writer (and also the skill and dedication of the transcriber!). Natalie gives me hope for humanity and ContraPoints is the best thing on the internet.