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    cognitivemedium.com | 24 min
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    • bartadamley
      Reading streakScout
      4 months ago

      If you love physics this is for you, personally I struggled grappling the examples, but the idea of thought as a technology fascinates me.

      what makes an interface transformational is when it introduces new elements of cognition that enable new modes of thought.

      When examining our utilization of different ways of attacking problems.. or even evaluating the types of technology it is critical to analyze the ways in which it impacts our thinking. Like for example, typing my comments out on my labtop versus doing it on a typewriter. What way of thinking is lost versus what way of thinking is enhanced?

      We cannot say a priori what new elements of cognition will look like, or what they will bring. But what we can do is ask good questions, and explore boldly.

      Asking good questions and having the confidence to explore boldly when it comes to approaching thought as a technology is a piece of advice I will gladly take.