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    • KapteinB2 months ago

      "We need to have enough working-age people to carry the load of these seniors, who deserve their retirement, they deserve all their entitlements, and they're gonna live out another 30 years," he said. "Nobody in the history of the globe has had so many older people to deal with."

      There are at least three solutions to this challenge. They'll all be wildly unpopular, and I expect in the end we'll see a combination of all three.

      1. Increased retirement age. When the concept of retirement was introduced, retirement age was pretty close to expected lifespan, which meant you'd be lucky to even have a chance of enjoying retirement. Since then expected lifespan has increased significantly, while retirement age has remained more or less the same.

      2. Increased immigration. Countries with surplus births have millions of people who would love to work in richer more developed countries.

      3. Increased automation. We can do the same amount of work with fewer employees, and thus be able to handle a larger proportion of retirees.

    • Alexa2 months ago

      I can think of at least 4 gal pals who have basically said to me "I'd have to be insane to bring a child into this world, it's a mess", so yea, this tracks. (personally, same)

      in the bigger picture, he worries the declining birth rate is also a "barometer of despair."

      • thorgalle
        2 months ago

        Yeah, it’s not just the pandemic! Here was a good long read (lecture transcript actually) about one woman (& partner) pondering this decision deeply. And that was just before the pandemic, mostly considering climate change: https://readup.com/read/london-review-of-books/meehan-crist--is-it-ok-to-have-a-child--lrb-23-february-2020

        What I find discouraging is that technology co-creates more welfare and longer lives but always introduces its own set of problems. A utopian/dystopian future with basic income and robots that do everything (including taking care of elderly) is still far away.

    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      2 months ago

      This article is not surprising. There is so much uncertainty, so much loss, so much deconstruction happening now, how can anyone feel like they could bring a child into this world when they, themselves, are barely surviving? Unemployment, the cost of living, education - not at all encouraging. There is not a feeling of safety, of community. So much has to change and I do feel it can happen. Just will take time to rebuild a much more sustainable, conscious and compassionate society - for all.

    • chrissetiana
      Top reader this weekTop reader of all time
      2 months ago

      This basically sums it all up:

      Well no, it really is a lot harder for young people today. It's amazing how much harder it is.

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
        2 months ago

        It is!!