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    cacm.acm.orgCal Newport15 min
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    20 reads
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    • oanafilip2 years ago

      Wow! An excellent read for both engineers and marketing people out there. We need better products to tell better stories that bring us closer and make our lives more pleasant.

    • Liz2 years ago

      Great article about tech determinism. It's time we were all more conscious about the ways we utilize and interact with tech.

    • constant_vigilance2 years ago

      Fascinating read. I can definitely attest to the attention reducing impact phones have. This has prompted me to be a bit more conscientious about how I use my phone.

    • deephdave
      Top reader of all time
      2 years ago
      • Karenz
        Reading streakScribe
        2 years ago

        Excellent read! We need people like this author who understand technology as an engineer but are also concerned about repercussions on a social and philosophical level. I know my attention and other behaviors have been changed radically by my smart phone—and I still love it!

    • Plum2 years ago

      Interesting! Complex side effects! This is a good example of why we all need a broad humanistic education that keeps us reading. Engineers especially as they build a/our future. “To adapt the message Samuel Morse prophetically sent during his public introduction of the telegraph, engineers should keep asking, "What have we wrought?," then add the crucial follow-up prompt: "And what should we do about it?"

    • Florian2 years ago

      An excellent read! Highly recommended.