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    Brian Balfour | 3 min
    61 reads10 comments
    Brian Balfour
    61 reads
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    • bartadamley
      Top reader this weekReading streakScout
      44 seconds ago

      Building your own website & publishing there is the way better option versus using medium. plain & simple!

    • Amittripathi3 weeks ago

      I’d completely agree. Medium is a brand now ans writing on it is cool but you hardly get any exposure beyond what they want. It’s terrible when it comes to payments and it overloads you with information.

    • Pegeen3 weeks ago

      Fascinating, a world I know nothing about.

    • Alexa
      1 month ago

      Solid arguments, I've used the same to encourage people to write on their own website. Medium used to be the darling but that is defo starting to wane, esp given the way they blanket their brand over the writers. Own your content!

      • jlj3 weeks ago

        Yeah, I really missed this -- well reasoned, it would seem -- turning on Medium. I'm a casual blogger, and quite happy with write.as at the moment.

    • chronotope
      3 weeks ago

      As a long time Medium objector I feel this piece.

    • jbuchana
      4 weeks ago

      This makes me want to bring back my web site. I took it down for financial reasons, I was broke when the domain registration and yearly hosting fee came up. I never monetized it effectively, but it was cool having my own place to post articles at.

      • jeff
        Top reader this weekReading streakScribe
        4 weeks ago

        Remember the days when you'd get some web storage or maybe even a shell account from your ISP? Good times.

        • jbuchana
          4 weeks ago

          Back in the day, I had both. All went well until the ISP, owned by a friend of mine, got bought by a bigger company. They'd limit the data allowance for the web page, so the last few days of the month it gave an error. Then one day, an article of mine got mentioned in a print magazine with the URL and I went through all my data in less than a day and all the other magazine readers got nothing but an error. After that, I switched to a commercial hosting service, which was great while I still worked at a corporate job that paid great, but with my pension and part-time job, I run out of money pretty easy nowadays, so...

    • chrissetiana
      Top reader this week
      4 weeks ago

      This is why there was an exodus of content creators from Medium recently. Their “perks” are becoming less and less appealing.