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    breaking smart | 2/7/15 | 8 min
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    breaking smart
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    • bartadamley
      1 week ago

      This is a world (software) I am unfamiliar with, as I increasingly read more into Venkatesh Rao's "Breaking Smart", however, I think it is vital to understand this.

      In the digital age, engineering labs are experimental sections inside impressive, enduring products. Those who bemoan the gradual decline of famous engineering labs like AT&T Bell Labs and Xerox PARC often miss the rise of even more impressive labs inside major modern products and their developer ecosystems.

      I am often fascinated by the history of Bell Labs, XEROX Parc and the RAND corporation.. and how so much innovation took place in such a short amount of time. It is often thought, that universities are on-par with instituitons like this, but ideas seemingly move so much slower.. .rather than implementing a line of code.

      So my fascination right now lies with, how can we create better tools for collective intelligence, creating a darwinist-like "survival of the fittest" for innovative ideas. One could say Venture Capital in part works like this, but just as with most things it comes down to "who you know" in the VC world.

      So I am curious on how ideas can be rapidly be implemented.. whether it is establishing a business based off of someone's tweet for a new innovative service and then allocating the appropriate human capital to work on that project.

      Does this make any sense? Lol, this is why I love the comments section on here as it gives me a chance to spitball my ideas.