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    blog.readup.comThor Galle9/8/219 min
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    42 reads
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    • LieveTerryn1 month ago

      Mooi geschreven, Thor, en het verduidelijkt waarom Readup zo waardevol is. Mijn eerste gelezen artikel denk ik ook. Succes verder! 👍👍👍 (kon ik jouw artikel nu maar delen op FB 🙃😆 om wie weet iemand daar warm te maken ervoor)

      • thorgalle
        1 month agoWriter

        Alé dan! Eerste artikel gelezen, en eerste artikel gepost! Fijn om dit in mijn notificaties te zien 😊Delen kan, ik vertel je hoe in een privébericht.

    • jamie2 months ago

      I breath easier and just let the pure content seep into my brain. It’s like a mini-vacation with every undistracted article there to be enjoyed. I agree with everything Thor! Welcome! Yes I said everything Thor! ☮️❤️

      • thorgalle
        2 months agoWriter

        It’s like a mini-vacation with every undistracted article there to be enjoyed.

        What a beautiful way of summarizing the Readup experience! 🤩Thanks Jamie.

    • Loodze2 months ago

      welcome Thor! I think you're very cool :P

      • thorgalle
        2 months agoWriter

        I think you're cool too Loodze!

    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      2 months ago

      What a way to start my day! Welcome Thor! I loved everything you said here and I’m over the moon you are now officially part of this imaginative team. Readup is a part of my life because it has expanded me in ways that are deep and meaningful. I’m learning things I would never have come across unless I had subscriptions to all the top quality magazines and periodicals out there. The variety of information is staggering and it has made my entire world much larger. The reading community is intelligent, thoughtful and respectful. This must grow and thrive - it has become a part of my self care!

      • thorgalle
        2 months agoWriter

        Thanks Pegeen, your comment makes my day! (all comments here, actually!)

    • loundytampa2 months ago

      welcome thor!

    • justinzealand2 months ago

      Welcome Thor! The Readup community is looking forward to your contributions. I agree that Readup is an exciting platform for tomorrow’s technology landscape. I wish you the very best success!

    • Plum2 months ago

      Welcome, Thor. My experience with readup has been similar. The discussions and comments make me feel part of a special kind of community. Good luck to the three of you in opening up the “readup cure” to more people.

    • sjwoo2 months ago

      Congrats, Thor!! 🎉🥂

    • joanne2 months ago

      Welcome Thor! Thanks for sharing your story. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new and innovative ways the three of you are changing tech.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkar
      2 months ago

      Readup is technology that respects and enriches humans.

      Yesss..get it now

    • Florian
      Reading streak
      2 months ago

      Well said. Congrats, Thor!

    • Tarunika2 months ago

      So so excited for this and if you're not on readup, get it nowww :D

    • KapteinB
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      2 months ago

      Congratulations, to all three of you. :-)

    • bartadamley2 months ago

      The world indeed needs Readup. Best of luck to Thor on his new role & the rest of the Readup team in growing this wonderful platform.

      Eager to help build this community out further 👌