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    blog.readup.com | Bill Loundy | 6/5/20 | 4 min
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    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScoutScribe
      2 months ago

      Slow and steady, and still winning the race.

      The future is focus.


      • Raven2 months ago

        Thanks Bill and Jeff, I’m only a few months along on the ride with you (my wife was an early adopter and shared it with me) and I totally believe in your vision. I have never had a social media account longer than a few days before I decided that it would be way too toxic for me. Having commented on a few articles on Readup and received replies to them I think that I have found a platform that I can trust. I wish you all the best in this fundraising endeavour.

        • thorgalle
          2 months ago

          This is a really nice comment!

    • thorgalle
      2 months ago

      Yes! Gogogo Bill, Jeff, and angel investors! The present and future need you. No further comment.

      We’re turning the entire incentive structure upside down. Soon, you’ll be able to get paid a meaningful amount per read. Think: nickels, dimes, even quarters, depending on length and quality, instead of the current nightmare where you get a fraction of a fraction of a penny per click.

      Except: this is such a crucial part of the story. With "intention, focus and calm" you'll overcome the hurdles!

    • oanafilip2 months ago

      Niceee! 👏

    • deephdave
      Top reader this weekReading streakScout
      2 months ago

      Five years from now, Readup will be synonymous with digital reading. We won’t just be an app. We’ll be the corner of the web where you can actually focus on articles and stories, from top to bottom, and connect with other deep readers. Actually, wait a second, we already are that! The difference is that in five years many people you know will be on there and you’ll be able to read anything you want, including all premium content from your favorite publishers. The word “paywall” will feel like ancient history.

    • joanne2 months ago

      Good luck with the fundraising... ReadUp is a truly unique social media platform. It’s opened up an interesting and diverse reading selection that I would never be able to find on my own. And the comments are powerful, smart and funny. No doubt you’ll find your investors.