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    blog.justinirabor.comJustin Irabor7 min
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    • thorgalle
      1 month ago

      Good reflections on the junior developer job application process.

      A corollary to this: if a company is unable to see through your bullshit and offers you a job, you’ll find out soon enough that it should have been your first clue to run, head-first through a window, and to keep running.

      True! Unlikely to be an environment where you can grow; or where people are invested in what they do.

      Here's a fun Medium piece completely obliterating the quote I was using to lead up to this point. PAIN.

      Haha, good fact checking! I cringe whenever I see the “change you want to see” quote attributed to Gandhi. This may be similar.

      The HR tool used (you know, BambooHR, Lever, them things)

      From the applicant side, what’s your favorite one Justin @vunderkind?

      Fall in love with knowing things. It transforms your job hunt from a chore to yet another knowledge-seeking game.