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    Bill LoundyBill Loundy6/11/1910 min
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    Bill Loundy
    6 reads
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    • Alexa
      1 year ago

      This was very relatable, and a wonderful story of working in tech while trying to avoid it's "inevitable" creep upon our time & lives. I've stopped trying to explain to friends why I want a Light Phone when my current iPhone finally kicks the bucket, unplugging seems to be something you have to do yourself--you can't cut someone else's cord.

      In the last year+ I've made a conscious effort to unplug more, read deeply, and be present with the people in my life. It's paid off in spades. Just discovered Readup today on the Humane Tech Community forum, so glad I did! My people are here, tech obsessed and horrified by it's impact all at the same time haha.

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScout
        1 year agoWriter

        You found us! Welcome to Readup!!

        1. Update (12/12/2019):

          16 hours later, I’m still glowing from this comment!! :P Alexa, you rule.

        2. Update (6/23/2020):

          6 months later, still glowing! :P Alexa, you still rule.