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    Bill Loundy7/20/199 min
    17 reads5 comments
    Bill Loundy
    17 reads
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    • tdsimpson902 years ago

      Wow, this is great!

    • jlcipriani2 years ago

      The difference between, “this is a super hard step on the right path,” and. “this is a super hard indicator that I must change something and reconceive my path,” is so difficult to perceive while in the thickest part of the thicket.

    • joanne2 years ago

      OMG keep writing you’re in the belly of the beast the dark night of the soul.... ..Keep on truckin.... we’ve witnessed moon landings and the most iconic rock concerts these days in history ... thanks for sharing

    • Pegeen
      2 years ago

      I feel, my dear friend, that the Universe is calling for you to trust yourself! All these challenges - reframe them. If indeed, we create as we think and focus, let go of what you don’t want - stop thinking about it. Of course, easy for me in my air conditioning, but I have lived this truth, as you know. It works. Discipline yourself, Grasshopper, for this is the next level! What you resist, persists! Embrace what is, it will certainly change. I’m sending icy, cool blessings. You got this!

    • Jank2 years ago

      Holy shit.