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    • Alexa9 months ago

      This woman sounds rad. It's funny how we have to brand her "lonely" just because she's a woman whose life choices don't fit into the married w/ kids narrative.

      With all the visitors and projects, it sounds like she wouldn't have time to be lonely. I'd cherish the quiet winters too if I were her.

      “An unmarried woman living alone in the wilderness was a curiosity,” she says. Molter herself once swore that she’d only marry a man who could “portage heavier loads, chop more wood, or catch more fish” than she could.


      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScribe
        9 months ago


        Exactly! Even “legendary” isn’t enough. She’s not “like a legend.” This story, this article, the woman herself - a true, full-blown legend.

        Really inspiring.