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    americanpurpose.com | Marc F. Plattner | 2/12/21 | 10 min
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    • jeff
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      2 months ago

      Yet, despite the widespread recognition that Marxism has been discredited by history, Marxist categories and ways of thinking maintain their hold and inhibit fresh thinking.

      I struggle to understand this as anything other than impatience with the rate of progress of social justice. Such impatience is of course totally understandable but thinking that there's a shortcut to be had in replacing capitalism with some other economic system seems to me to be totally confused.

      I just finished listening to a two hour long interview with Ira Glasser, the former director of the ACLU, and found it to be incredibly inspiring; particularly the amount of progress achieved in his lifetime and his long view of the fight for justice as a multigenerational relay race that never ends.