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    AeonRubin Naiman12/24/2025 min
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    6 reads
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    • DellwoodBarker
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      3 months ago

      Very Good Read.

      This line stood out:

      It’s telling that one of the most common uses of the term dream, as in ‘the American dream’, reduces it to a house. It collapses the ethereal into the material, pitching Jacob’s ladder on its side. In lieu of aspiring up dream ladders, we’re encouraged to climb social and corporate ladders, which run sideways and keep us tethered to the material world.

      There are a few moments in this article where I Imagine my experiences as opposite to what is written or proven by research:

      1. My best sleep in recent years is Dreamless. I still dream on occasion; however, I find I wake up profoundly Clear. Which leads me to question if dreamless sleep is quality for an individual and if dreaming is decreasing in lives could more of Us simply Be Living the Dream while Awake? That said, I really have to make an effort to remember to Breathe during sleep...so my lack of dreaming may have more to do with lack of oxygen and lung use? Just pontificating here.

      2. I don’t use CBD or THC often; however, when I do on occasion before bed I Imagine the effects as Very Beneficial compared to what the research here says.

      3. During some of my deepest and worst depressions I have experienced some Incredible Dreams and written them down. Very different from paragraphs on this topic here.

      Ironically, my past three night sleeps have been Knocked Way the fuck off. I have stay plugged in too late or experienced external distractions,etc. Gotta get back to the unplugging before bed, reading, candles, etc. The grey weather I Imagine feels influential as well.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkar
      3 months ago


      The body, mind, and spirit want and need to dream.

      The mind is more curious than intentional, more empathic than judgmental, and more present than in waking.

      It is not merely an idea the mind possesses, but an idea that possesses the mind.

      Depending on the depth of our vision, dreaming can be personal or trans personal, revealing the world behind the world, or the world behind the world.

      The ability to shift from ordinary waking into dreamy states of consciousness is the key to the gates of sleep.