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    52 Insights | 5/10/20 | 18 min
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    52 Insights
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    • Jessica
      7 months ago

      I recommend reading this in-browser from the original source to see the fantastic images and embedded videos with Oxman's work.

      Neri Oxman is, for the lack of a better phrase, an interdisciplinary thinker. The presentation of her work stimulates people from different backgrounds (i.e. "left or right brain"). In my opinion, her work is basically proof that though each individual is a speck of dust in the vastness of the universe, our life in itself is a beautiful miracle, one that has domino effects and affects another being ("being" as another organism or things constructed from resources we have on Earth).

      The key to our juggling multiple projects of numerous scales at once is to apply a systems-view perspective: global warming does not differentiate between buildings, cars, packaging or infrastructure; its inevitable impact is all-encompassing. Our design solutions should, likewise be universally relevant and applicable.

      What can be measured doesn’t count. It is only when what you’ve created requires its own system of quantification that you know you’re innovating. Novelty also requires suspending one’s disbelief, letting go of perceived judgement in order to truly become experimental. Even if we’re not ready, particularly then, we must move forward with measured foresight.

      We’re still very much in the conceptual and incubation phase of the digital biological revolution, the opportunities here are unfathomable, is there a particular aspect about this discussion we’re not having right now in society? Being kind to others. Without it, we are lost.