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    • DellwoodBarker
      Reading streakScribe
      1 month ago


      The Cloud Country makes me think of the Amazon Prime Series “Upload”. Which while a fun show disturbs me...I don’t imagine I want an afterlife where I am a tech replica of myself with my consciousness....unless that is what I am now? monkey scratches monkey head

      Cheers to New Country ReadUp - A New Country I can get behind. 😉

    • bartadamley
      1 month ago

      Balaji yet again with some striking takes, on the future of how humanity will organize, using the latest technological tools at our disposal.

      The twist is that our version is a [[Reverse Diaspora]]... a community that forms first on the internet, builds a culture online, and only then comes together in person to build dwellings and structures.

      This is such an intriguing take, as Balaji has stated the issue with a lot of societal problems, is that we merely inherit the infrastructures given to us before... and work to fix these... Rather than innovate and found a new company, new city, etc... to solve the issues.

      Thinking of each physical outpost inspired by the digital community, can be thought of as a [[Cloud Embassy]]. As new recruits can come to either the virtual or physical environment, beta test, and decide to leave or stay."

      Now the real question is what "countries" are currently fermenting online... and how soon does this future arrive? As we see the power of how something is deemed legitimate once there is enough mutual coordination and support, as we have seen with the prolific rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum as a currency for example.

      All in all, great read! Very intriguing one to start the week to say the least.