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    The New York Times CompanyBen Dolnick5/4/195 min
    36 reads8 comments
    The New York Times Company
    36 reads
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    • yuppiecelt2 years ago

      Its a good reminder to read more. I have caught myself doing the same thing he mentioned which is just reading a chapter at a time or a a few minutes here and there. But really the best memories of reading books was when I spent every spare minute reading it because I wanted to. Luckily with books on our phones now we can do that much easier than before!

    • Joemat413 years ago

      Yes I should read more and rediscover the pleasures of reading as I once did.

    • Jim3 years ago

      Could I find more time to read? Sure. Do I? No. It is difficult to change routine, It's taken me 60 years to become this person and the idea of dropping everything and reading just will not happen.... but as I have mentioned before, I am going to make an intention to slow down and try.

    • Sup3 years ago

      To be honest, this article wasn’t too convincing. The issue I see with reading is that it requires brain power. After a long day, it’s much easier to watch YouTube videos than read for 5 hours. People’s attention spans are so short, I think encouraging binge-reading will only discourage more people from reading.

      • jeff
        Top reader this weekReading streakScout
        3 years ago

        You raise an interesting point. If you wanted to encourage people who are out of shape to start running you wouldn't tell them that they need to start running 10 miles every day right away. I also just have a strong aversion to the word "binge" in general.

        That said I think the message behind the article still holds true even if the headline and call to action is a little much. I believe that it's possible for everyone to increase their attention span and that there's great value in trying to do so.

    • Jim3 years ago

      James Paterson has 2 or 3 page chapters and its easy to read just one more chapter.... until you realize you have read the whole book. One problem with that..... It's a James Paterson book. (Just kidding, some are quick-read little goodies). I want to read more, much more and am going to make an intention to carve out the time to do so.... or I can wait till the electric goes down!

    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      3 years ago

      I AM inspired! I can get roped into episodes of Shark Tank and what’s terrible is that they are reruns! I usually read right before bed and the books are more technical in nature like my current one The Everything Answer Book, How Quantum Science Explains Love, Death and the Meaning of Life. So I am going to try what this writer suggests. Get a novel and read for at least an hour - gulps instead of sips. It really could be why I have never liked novels. I truly am excited by this idea.

    • TripleG
      Top reader this weekReading streakScout
      3 years ago

      Yes! Great idea! Drop the video games and Read Up, Wake up, get inspired, get smart!